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Sri Kumaran Starch Industries having 10 years of rich experience in the development and manufacturing of Tapioca & Maize based modified starches.
We act as a manufacturer and supplier of starch based products for various applications like paper, textile, food, Adhesives, foundries, pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic formulations etc.
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High Standard Quality Product
More Than 10 Years of Experience
Competitive Prices
100% Customer Satisfaction
Delivery on Time
Zero Deffective Products
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Our Products for Various Applications

Paper Industires

Our starch enhances the stiffness and bonding of paper sheet due to very high molecular weight

Textile Industries

Applications in the textile sector including for pre-treatment, weaving, dyeing etc.,

Food Industries

Our Starches are employed in the food sector as gel formers, thickening agents, and colloidal emulsifiers.,

Pharma Industries

Our Starches are used in pharmaceuticals as tablet disintegrant, diluent, fillers, bulking agent, glidant etc.,

Foundries Industries

Our starch serves as an excellent binding strength necessary for the mould to remain intact during handling.

Adhesives Industries

Our Starch mix instantly with a lesser quantity of water. Because of their greater adhesive strength and fluidity